MSCHOA Vessel Movement Registration Form

The form ‘Register a Vessel’s Movements’ is reproduced below from the MSCHOA website. The following is to be noted:

The MSCHOA website should always be consulted to ensure that the most up to date version of the form is being used.

Registration is required within the area bounded by 78°E, 10°S, 23°N and Suez.

The form may be completed online by ship operators, (or Masters where vessels have internet access), but note that registration with the MSCHOA website is required before the form can be completed.

MSCHOA will also accept faxed forms, and forms by email. Again ship operators should ensure that they and/or their vessels are in receipt of the latest version of the form.

All fields with an asterisk (*) are obligatory.
Vessel’s Details
Ship Name * Flag State *
IMO Number * MMSI Number *
Call Sign * Ship’s Master
Primary E-Mail * Secondary E-Mail
Ship contact number * Ship contact E-Mail *

Owner name Operator name
Operator address Operator telephone
Operator E-Mail DPA name
DPA telephone DPA E-Mail

Movement Details
Entry Point to High Risk Area *

Entry Date/Time to High Risk Area *

Exit Point from High Risk Area *

Entry Date/Time to High Risk
Area *

Do you intend to transit the IRTC? ETA to IRTC (times are in UTC/Zulu time) * (Tick box if applicable)
Direction * (East/West)
Do you intend to join a group transit?
Do you intend to join a National Convoy?
Which National Convoy are you joining? * (Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish)
Crew numbers and nationalities Draught
Freeboard of lowest accessible deck in Metres(M) *
Planned Transit Speed *

Vessels Maximum Speed * Cargo
(Crude Oil/Clean Oil/Arms/Chemicals/Gas/Passengers/Bulk Cargo/Containers/Fishing/Ballast/Others … Please Specify)
Hazardous cargo
Next Port of Call Last Port of Call

Note:a. Items in italics only appear upon selection of prior options b. Items in square brackets are options in a drop-down list.

Movement Details
AIS to be left on through GOA? AIS to be left on through HOA?
Anti-piracy measures in place?
Crew Briefing Extra Lookouts
Fire Hoses Rigged Fire Pump Ready
Barbed/Razor Wire Locked Doors
External Communication Plan Outboard Ladders Stowed
Citadel Dummies Posted
Night Vision Optics Manned Engine Room
CCTV Crew Drills Completed
Unarmed Security Team onboard Armed Security Team onboard
Helicopter winch area? Doctor onboard?
Helicopter landing area? Weapons held onboard?
Additional Measures Any other information which
may assist counter-piracy?

Note: Items in italics appear when the ‘Anti-piracy measure in place’ option is selected.