Company Planning

Company planning checklist

Company Planning - Prior to entering the High Risk Area

6.1 Register ship with MSCHOA website
It is strongly recommended that ship operators register for access to the restricted sections of the MSCHOA website ( prior to entering the High Risk Area as it contains additional and updated information. Note that this is not the same as registering a ship’s movement - see below.

6.2 Obtain the latest information from the MSCHOA and NATO Shipping Centre websites
Great care should be taken in voyage planning in the High Risk Area given that pirate attacks are taking place at extreme range from the Somali Coast. It is important to obtain the latest information from the MSCHOA and NATO Shipping Centre websites ( and before planning and executing a voyage.

6.3 Review the SSA and SSP
Review the Ship Security Assessment (SSA) and implementation of the Ship Security Plan (SSP), as required by the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS), to counter the piracy threat.

6.4 Put SSP in place
The Company Security Officer (CSO) is encouraged to ensure that a SSP is in place for a passage through the High Risk Area, and that this is exercised, briefed and discussed with the Master and the Ship Security Officer (SSO).

6.5 Monitor piracy related websites on specific threats
Ensure that ships are aware of any specific threats within the High Risk Areas that have been promulgated on the MSCHOA and NATO Shipping Centre websites – and Additionally all NAV WARNINGS – Sat C (NAVTEXT in limited areas) should be monitored and acted upon as appropriate by the ship’s Master.

6.6 Offer guidance to Master with regard to the recommended route
Offer the ship’s Master guidance with regard to the recommended routeing through the High Risk Area and details of the piracy threat. Guidance should be provided on the available methods of transiting the IRTC, (eg a Group Transit or National Convoys where these exist).

  • Group Transits coordinated by MSCHOA within the IRTC, group vessels together by speed for maximum protection. Further details of Group Transit schemes including departure timings can be found on the MSCHOA website.
  • National Convoys. A number of Naval/Military forces offer protected convoys through the IRTC. Details of the convoy schedules may be found on the MSCHOA website.

6.7 Plan and install Ship Protection Measures
The provision of carefully planned and installed Ship Protection Measures prior to transiting the High Risk Area is very strongly recommended. Suggested Ship Protection Measures are set out within this document – see section 8. It has been proven that the use of Ship Protection Measures significantly increases the prospects of a ship resisting a pirate attack.

6.8 Conduct crew training
Conduct crew training sessions (including Citadel Drills where utilised) prior to transits and debriefing sessions post transits.

Company Planning - Upon entering the High Risk Area

6.9 Submit ‘Vessel Movement Registration Form’ to MSCHOA
Ensure that a ‘Vessel Movement Registration Form’ has been submitted to MSCHOA. This may be done directly – online by the ship’s operator, by fax, or by email. (See Annex E for details of the MSCHOA Vessel Movement Registration Form.

Be aware that UKMTO is unable to respond as an SSAS designated recipient when a vessel is outside the UKMTO Voluntary Reporting Area.

The ship operator should ensure that BMP measures are in place prior to entry into the High Risk Area