Reporting Formats

UKMTO acts as the primary point of contact for merchant vessels and liaison with military forces in the region. 

Vessels are encouraged to report their positions by email at 08.00 UTC whilst operating in the VRA (which includes the HRA). the reporting forms are enclosed within the page. The can be obtained from Admiralty chart Q6099 and in the annex of BMP5.

Merchant vessel voluntary reporting schemes are established to increase security and provide anti-piracy support to maintain the freedom of navigation to all vessels in the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. 

Merchant vessels operating in these areas are strongly encouraged to liaise, using the details below, with the relevant authorities. Any vessel, owner, operator or manager choosing not to report may delay any military assistance in the event of an incident as military assets may not be expecting the ship and valuable information may not be available.

The schemes are free to participate in, and vessels of any flag or ownership are invited to participate. All information is treated in strict commercial confidence and only used within military circles. 

Tel: +44 (0) 23 92 22 20 60
Email: [email protected]